Fuelling The Nation – Again

Fuelling the nation, again. Well, I am not really sure if I should even be saying nation, considering the whole world seems to run off the stuff. No, it’s not money, but in the long run, it does equal a lot of money. But I am talking about liquid gold: Oil. They should change the saying: ‘Money Makes The World Go Round’ to ‘Oil Makes The World Go Round’.

Oil is something that is used by everyone, and everyday, it is used by more and more people. It doesn’t just make the world go round, it makes the wheels of our cars turn and our planes fly off. But last week’s oil find at Gatwick made us all think of that black gold again. This oil find was unlike any other; it is estimated that it’s the biggest oil find of the century! 2 billion barrels of oil was found in a field just off the edge of Gatwick. It’s stated that by 2020, 30% of the UK’s oil intake will be a result of this find.

Now, I have lived in Crawley for almost all my life; and for those of you that haven’t herd of Crawley – it’s where Gatwick is, Technically Gatwick is in Crawley. So, considering this find was in my ‘back garden’ I should be jumping on the ‘Crawley has finally something to be proud of’ band wagon, right? Nope, I find myself jumping off this band wagon. The land that the oil that was found on WAS, owned by a farmer. I emphasise on the word ‘was,’ because the government has now taken the land from him. This sentence sounds very dramatic (and of course it is), but the farmer may have had his land, and what I am assuming his livelihood taken from him, but in return received a very, very -one more time- very hefty cheque for it. There we go: ‘happiness’ can be bought with money, as well as liquid gold. Good note? Wait. This cheque that has been signed, is currently just figures and percentages that some extremely smart guys have made up of guesses and estimates or guestimates, as I like to call them. So, how and most importantly whose money has been used to pay him? *cough* tax *cough* payers’. But of course that’s a whole different matter and I’ll leave you to figure that one out…

Ten *pause* billion years: that’s how long we have left until the sun runs out. Yes, the sun, that really hot yellow thing the sun that has been providing us with everything we need since time began? The sun was around before the words ‘fossil’ and ‘fuel’ even existed.

So, why do we overlook the power of the sun? Wind, solar, water, all of these things can be used at the same potential as oil; it’s just about how we use it. Not to mention, it’s not going to run out (well in OUR life time anyway. Considering we live in England, I am almost certain the rain never will) But the most important factor – IT’S FREE. The soul purpose of these things is to provide, to keep us alive, like they have been for centuries. So, why are we only using them to have a shower or just to get a tan?

Liquid Gold has always caused controversies. In my mind, it’s never a good one. Isn’t oil the reason we are at war right now? But there I go again, bringing up important, but unrelated issues. Yes, yes oil does make the world go round, but I find myself turning into a little eco warrior when it comes to the issue. Understandably, not everyone has the same view on everything, and that’s good, because how boring would the world be, if that were the case? But when it comes to the environment and the planet that we live on, I think we should all come to some mutual agreement. Why do we rely so heavily on squished bones that are over a million years old? Do we not understand that this shit WILL run out? As just stated, it takes billions of years to make the stuff, so why do we keep using it, and acting like we can pop into Tesco’s and walk down isle 10, and go to the middle shelf and have as much as we want? We need to stop and take a look at the beautiful world that is around us, stop worrying about the money in our pockets, and help keep the earth from crumbling under our feet and before our very eyes.